The Language

The Jade templating language is an elegant and practical language heavily influenced by Haml. Originally it was created in nodejs as a module but is now implemented in many languages: Node, Python, Scala, Ruby, Java, and PHP.

Certain implementations might differ. For example in Python's implementation pyJade, it can be setup to preprocesses into another templating syntax such as jinja2. And the final compilation stage is done there.

The Tour

The code samples in this tour will have a two-column display showing the Jade code on the left and the compiled HTML on the right like so.

<p>Hello, World!</p>

Feel free to change the source in the text box on the left. It will update live as long as the jade syntax is proper. The tab key is also supported in the textarea fields to help you edit the source.

The Jade language project is now pug. This site is now obsolete and will be shut down in November 2017. Thank you for visiting this site during all these years. - Glenn